Color center


Color Center REIND makes quick automatic cleaning of the dust way (a complete clearing time is achieved from 20 to 40 [sec]) and the spray guns draw directly from the fluidized dust container or from the open box.

Also, an aspiration cycle of the dust paints in excess

Technical features

  • Self-carrying steel framework provided covered with dust paints. Self-carrying PVC unit body
  • Pneumatic cylinder, maximum stroke 600 [mm], for the handling group floaters
  • Pneumatic cylinder, maximum stroke 100 [mm], for the opening and closing of the shutter of the aspiration tube
  • Security pneumatic cylinder short stroke 20 [mm]
  • Pressure regulator, that receives and adjust the pressure in entry to 5-6 [bar]
  • Immersion tank, that stores the compressed air keeping it costant at the pressure of 5-6 [bar]
  • Vibrator for the dust handling, during the draft to open box
  • Peristaltic pump for the recovery of dust, provided to the customer on request (external to the standard supply) together with an appropriate pneumatic control panel
  • Single supply (only Color center)
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