Operator panel V1210


PLC generally used to manage and control of painting automations with 2-4 and also more axes (supplì complete automation: reciprocators, motorized bases, Color center, reading system, commands cabin).

The control panel has a display TOUCH SCREEN 12,1” color.

V1210 can integrate up to 1000 I/O onboard and offers a wide range of functionality.

Technical features

  • Operator panel 12,1”, 800x600 pixels of resolution (SVGA). HMI multilanguages display LED with backlight, touch screen and with integrated alarms pages
  • I/O integrable options (until 1000 I/O) include digital, analogic, high speed, temperature and weight measurement
  • Program with 2 [MB] of logic application, 32 [MB]of images and 1 [MB] of Font. PID with automatic tuning function, up to 24 independent loops. Recipe programming and data logging via data table. Function blocks
  • Scan time: 9 [μsec] for 1 [K] of application
  • Virtual keypad
  • SD card: backup, store, cloning and much more
  • 2 isolated RS485/RS232 port
  • 1 isolated mini USB port for programmation
  • 1 CANbus port
  • Additional ports: 1 serial / Ethernet
  • MODbus TCP, SNMP V1, CANopen, CAN layer2 and UNICAN and others protocols
  • Web server, e-mail and sms, 3G modem support and remote access utilities
  • Power supply: 12/24 [VDC]
  • Backup battery for RTC and all memory sections. Life 7 years at 77 [°F]
  • Degree of protection: IP66/IP65/NEMA4X
  • Real-time clock functions (Date and time)
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